Homes come with emotional attachments and fond memories, but if selling a home is on the horizon, these factors are not what a new buyer is looking for. A new buyer is looking for a place to put roots down and create their own memories and so is looking for things like the best deal, the best location, and the easiest transition into their new life. Here are some things to consider when pricing your home to sell in The Woodlands, Texas:

  • Location – Although you cannot change home location, it is a very important factor in whether it will sell quickly. Highlight the positive aspects such as proximity to restaurants, how easy it is to walk to events in your local neighborhood, or convenience getting to major attractions, venues such as the Cynthia Woods Pavilion, Northshore Park, and Hughes Landing, the Waterway, shopping at Market Street, popular grocery stores, and nearby schools.
  • Season – There are times of the year that people are more likely to look for a new home. If the weather is cold or too hot, people would rather stay in. This is an important time to use to prepare a home for the upcoming market. People also like to wait until natural transition times for school or work like the new year, late spring (May/June), late summer (August/September), or fall (before the holidays). Use this time leading up to peak seasons to declutter your home, establish or freshen landscaping, renovate or paint so when the weather is nice, especially early spring or early fall, buyers looking to make fresh starts and settle in will see the home presented at its best.
  • School District – People often move when it will be least disruptive to kids and this means end of quarter and before holiday festivities. Even buyers who do not yet have kids will someday be considering sending little ones off to school and education is a key factor. If the school district is good, it is an excellent selling point. If it leaves room for improvement, make an effort to locate nearby good schools to counter hesitant buyers.
  • Size – If you are looking to move, one of the last things to consider would be making any major changes but there are certain things that can make a space seem bigger or smaller. To feel more comfortable, items like paint color, amount of furniture in a room, personalization, or lighting matter. To make the room seem bigger, bright lighting and darker colors make it seem bigger by de-emphasizing corners and reducing shadows. If the room feels overcrowded with furniture then it is hard to imagine fitting new furniture in and is overwhelming. If the room seems big, lighting and some staged furniture give perspective and can help a buyer imagine their couch being about the same size. Remove any items that will turn someone off immediately (i.e. certain sports teams are polarizing and can make or break a deal depending on whether a potential buyer likes or dislikes that team).
  • Comparables – Make sure you are comparing similar age, styles, layouts, square footage, amenities, lot size, and locations when looking at establishing your home value. A home with the highest price will draw interest but buyers are more likely to look at the next lower option that seems more affordable. The lowest price will make a buyer want to know what is wrong with the property, especially if it has been on the market longer and so they will look for something to get a better deal. If a home is over-improved compared to neighboring properties, it makes new homeowners hesitant about being able to fit in. Chose a price that will be no more than 5% above what you expect to sell for so that you have room for negotiating without pricing it above an appraised value (this is important to new buyers requiring specific loans such as FHA or VA that have stricter lending requirements).

Although selling your home is a complicated process, it is always easier when using someone familiar with the area and an expert. Go into the process armed with information and remember to price the house for sale, not the sentimental history – there are new memories waiting in your next home.