• New Homeowners: Stop Here to Explore The Woodlands, TX

      When moving to a new area, there is always a lot to explore. Everyday can be an adventure, especially when you've moved to a place like The Woodlands, TX. This area is rapidly developing. While The Woodlands is a great place to live because it has all major modes of transportation connecting it to Houston, there is no need to leave the township for some...

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    • Where to Eat Tonight? Most Popular Restaurants in The Woodlands

      If you are in The Woodlands, TX and hungry, there are so many great eateries to consider! Living in The Woodlands gives you access to a huge range of flavors and cuisines; here are some of the most popular restaurants in The Woodlands:   The Republic Grille Sit on the spacious patio, or dine inside to enjoy this blend of Texas and Southern cuisine. A sure...

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    • Importance of Staying Social as We Age

      It happens sooner than most people think. The youngest child is off to college and parents are left trying to remember what they did with all of those empty hours before they had the kids. Often times they've lost track of friendships through the child-rearing years, when they were so exhausted by meeting the scheduling demands of every day that there was no energy left for their own activities. This can...

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