Spring, Texas is an unincorporated community located 20 miles north of downtown Houston. It is considered an extraterritorial jurisdiction of Houston.
Over 36,000 people call this area of the country home according to the Census Bureau’s 2000 statistics. However, in the past few years…

splashtownSpring has experienced overall commercial and residential expansion making it easy to believe that the current population has easily exceeded those early numbers. In July 2008, CNN Money listed Spring as #14 of the 20 most affordable locations to live within the United States. Residents of this area simply love it because of all that it has to offer.



oldtownspringThe Spring Independent School Districts offer exemplary education. It also has exceptional entertainment, culture, shopping and dining, not to mention the convenience of living in close proximity to the major metropolitan city of Houston. These attributes add up to a very comfortable lifestyle. It’s a great place to do business and a wonderful place to call home.