• I want to thank all of you for your help throughout this process. You guys have a great team assembled and appreciate all of the effort in selling my home and finding a home to lease. Best wishes!

    - J.T. – Seller & Renter

  • We have done four transactions together with Ray Larson in the last two years. Every single one has been very well executed, handled ,and a complete success. The team is very dedicated, cooperative, and is always willing to give a helping hand. They have not only met our expectations but surpassed them in every aspect. They helped make our transition smooth and in the most professional way possible. Lastly, Marco is an excellent, diligent, attentive, and organized person. He was always ready to provide us with the advice and the help that we needed. Meeting Marco was an absolute blessing and more than a Realtor he is an amazing friend. Words cannot describe how much Marco has helped us and made a positive impact on our journey with buying and selling our homes. I recommend working with Ray Larson.

    - I.C.R. – SELLER & BUYER

  • My experience with Mr. Larson was of the highest standards. I have sold and bought many homes over the years and by far Mr. Larson exceeded my expectations. His ability to sell homes is unbelievable. I love working with Ray and would recommend him to all of my friends. He is now looking for a house for us to purchase, I have no doubt that it will be as smooth as the sale of our home. He is definitely A+++++ REALTOR..I’d say he’s #1 in the State of Texas…….Thank you………

    - Carol & Lynn B. – Cheddar Ridge Drive

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