Selling your house is a big step and one that every homeowner wants to go smoothly. It can be a nerve-wracking situation especially if it’s your first time. How can you be prepared for buyers to view your home? Here are the 5 top turn-offs for home buyers.

Dirty home

Even though a house may have many attractive features and be solidly built, a dirty home can be a big turn-off. The prospective homebuyer may not be able to appreciate all the positive things about the home due to the dirt and grime.


Clutter ranks right up there with dirt. If you have things strewn all throughout the house, it makes it difficult for people to do a walk-through. Even cluttered tables, countertops, and vanities have a tendency to distract some people from seeing the good parts of the home.

Bad smells

As soon as someone walks through the door of a home, the first thing they may notice is the smell. If greeted by a bad odor, the person may wonder what is causing the smell. They may think there is mold, animals, or other problems that degrade the value of the home.

Stained carpeting

When people see stains on the carpeting, it can be quite a turn-off. For one thing, people may secretly wonder just what the stain came from and they may question whether it was thoroughly cleaned up.


This is not only unsightly but leaves a distinct odor. Mold is also bothersome to people’s respiratory system. It can irritate allergies and, in some cases, be quite harmful. In addition, mold indicates there is a moisture problem. Prospective homebuyers will be concerned about what is causing the mold problem. Is there a leak somewhere in the foundation? Does the roof leak? Is the plumbing faulty? This instantly will drive most people right out the door.

Taking time to ensure your house is in tip-top shape before homebuyers come to view it will pay off in the end. For more tips about showing your home, contact us today!