Active adult communities for older adults is a popular segue into your golden years of retirement, but have you ever wondered if a place existed where elderly dogs could spend their latter years in peace and ease? Well, Michael and Zina Goodin decided that the world needed such a place, and it was up to them to make it a reality! In 2012 they founded a non-profit organization called Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. Their dream was to create a safe and beautiful home for dogs who were reaching the age when health begins to decline, eyesight begins to fade, and joints start to creak; because it is this age group of dogs that is threatened most by euthanasia in shelters and by owners who no longer wish to meet the growing demands of elderly dogs.


Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is now the home to over 70 grey-faced pups ranging in size from big dogs like Layla (a German Shepherd), to smaller sizes like Doug, a little red dachshund. They all happily roam the grounds of the sanctuary in packs; lounging on furniture, frolicking through the grass, never lacking playmates or love from the Goodins. (In addition to the dogs on the property, the Goodins have secured forever homes for at least 180 more in various locations!)


Interested in visiting this unique and inspiring sanctuary? OFSDS loves to give tours and let folks meet the big family. In fact, they often host events with food and live music to raise awareness and support of their mission; all proceeds go directly to the care of the elderly dogs!