Eat Healthy and Improve the Mind

As men and women age, it is natural to fear Alzheimer’s could destroying the mind. But according to recent studies in London, there is a lot a person can do to prevent Alzheimer’s just by changing his or her diet.


What Diet is Recommended?

Although eating healthy is always important, scientists now believe that the MIND diet will help decrease chances of Alzheimer’s in older adults. So, what exactly is in the MIND diet and how much should a person eat?


Doctors recommend eating three servings a day of whole wheat, oats and brown rice. However, they say to stay away from processed white flour, sweets and pastries.


Leafy Greens
Vegetables are always recommended in any diet, but the MIND diet suggests eating one salad and at least one other vegetable every day.


Finally, a diet that includes alcohol! However, doctors do recommend that only one glass of wine be consumed and only with dinner.


Nuts are the snack eaten in between meals. Unsalted almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts are high in fiber, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids essential for lowering inflammation in the brain, improving its overall health.


At least once a week, every adult should eat an omega-3-rich fish, like salmon. It will help protect cognitive function in the brain.


Eat berries at least twice a week and blueberries are strongly recommended because they are high in antioxidants.


Olive Oil
Olive oil should replace butter or margarine in the MIND diet. Use less than a tablespoon of butter every day, if butter must stay in the diet. Removing butter entirely and using olive oil instead would be the healthiest choice.


Eat cheese sparingly. Choose light cheeses, not whole-milk, fattening ones. Also, it is safer to eat less than one serving a week of red meat.


Scientists recommend eating kidney, chickpeas or lima beans every other day.


Should this diet be followed completely, it will greatly cut the risk of Alzheimer’s in older patients. This will ease their minds and allow them to enjoy their lives more fully and abundantly.