Go Organic! Benefits of Eating Organic


Food is fuel. That part of our anatomy never changes. From a newborn baby to the doting grandmother, all people must eat to live. Being careful about what fuel goes into the tank is very important. Swapping a candy bar for an apple isn’t enough. Ordinary apples have chemicals and pesticides on their skins from the orchard. Consuming organic produce is the best nutritional choice. Here are the benefits of eating organic foods:


  • Pesticide residue sticks to the body and builds over time. Even carefully washed produce can still contain traces of pesticides. Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without the use of pesticides.


  • Organic foods contain up to 69% more antioxidants than their non-organic counterparts. Antioxidants prevent cell damage in the body. Their ability to halt cell damage reduces the risk of various cancers, heart disease, and cognitive decline.


  • GMO’s are bad for the immune system. Farmers grow genetically modified produce in order to reap the largest harvest possible. However, genetically modified foods wreak havoc on the immune system leaving a person vulnerable to disease.


  • They are better for kidney health. Heavy metals in conventionally grown produce are hard on the kidneys. For seniors with reduced kidney function, high levels of heavy metals is very concerning. In organic produce, the levels of the heavy metal cadmium are much lower.


  • The risk of food borne illness decreases. Super mutant bacteria strains develop on crops sprayed with pesticides. These mutated bacteria strains are difficult to treat with antibiotics because of their resilience. Organic produce isn’t sprayed with pesticides that turn bacteria into super mutants.


  • Organic dairy has more Omega-3’s. To be exact, organic dairy products contain up to 50% more omega-3 fatty acids than conventional dairy.


Organic foods are healthier than conventional ones. They contain more healthy fats, fewer heavy metals, and more antioxidants. Fueling your body with organic foods is the best choice.