“Some day I’ll…” Everyone has said it at one time or another. When things have slowed down and there are no more kids at home, or job to go to, there’s finally time to try something new just for the fun of it.

There are many benefits to picking up a new hobby in later years. Learning new skills helps to keep the brain healthy, physical activities help to maintain fitness, and often times a new interest comes with a new social circle as well.


Here are some suggestions for beneficial hobbies and activities to pick up during retirement:


  • Photography- Digital cameras make this popular hobby more affordable and accessible than ever. A love for nature photography can bring the added benefit of getting physical exercise, and honing those camera skills will come in handy when grandchildren start to arrive.
  • Knitting- The repetitive motion of knitting is soothing and mimics the effects of meditation on the brain, making it a perfect calming activity. There are also many charities that accept knitted hats, scarves, and other items for disadvantaged children, adding to the feel-good benefits. There are many knitting groups that gather to knit for specific organizations. This also applies to other crafts such as crochet and quilting.
  • Gardening- Combining fresh air, physical exercise, and fresh produce, this is a great option. The resurgence of community gardens and farmer’s markets also provide ample opportunities for community connections.
  • Swimming- Many people have fond memories associated with water, and swimming is one of the safest and most beneficial exercises for older adults. Many health clubs and community pools offer special aqua fitness classes for seniors.


These are just a few of the many possibilities for those entering the retirement years. With an open mind and willingness to try something new, it’s not hard to discover how enjoyable later life can be.


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