People work hard to build an empire of wealth, happiness, and security. This diligently sculpted estate is a feat worthy of being proud of. Unfortunately, there are scammers living in the world that do not follow this esteemed route. These individuals will use different scams, such as phishing, to take advantage of others. Defend yourself from these dishonorable con-artists by learning how to spot a scam.


What a Scam Looks Like

When a scammer approaches you, it will be spontaneous. Con-artists like to use this element of surprise to get you to lower your guard. They tend to use their charismatic and sly nature to win your trust. They may use the line “let’s keep this secret between us” or some other variation. Once the scammer feels comfortable enough to strike, they will present you with an irresistible scam. The deal they present will vary. Typically, the offer will sound too good.


Scammers will often follow-up the dicey story with a request for money or bank account information. If there is resistance or hesitation, the con-artist will invoke a sense of urgency by saying that the deal will not last long. Doing this adds an unbearable pressure that prevents people from thinking clearly. When a person approaches you with an offer, be leery. If the deal they are offering you is valid, you will be able to investigate it beyond the initial contact. Avoid becoming the victim of a scam; you have worked too hard to lose it all on trusting a scammer.