Technology is not just for millennials and young professionals. New technology, including smart phone innovations and apps, has been increasingly developed to meet the needs of people 55 and up.


Many apps for smart phones and tablets focus on ways to keep seniors active and engaged by making it easier for them to connect with other people. Other apps focus on quality of life, including memory issues that become more common as people age.


Some of the most beneficial and popular apps for people 55+ include:



In American society today, many families are no longer residing in the same towns and cities they grew up in. The Skype app can help users keep in contact with family and friends throughout the country and even the world.


Skype allows users to speak face to face with a video call. Skype to Skype calls are always free which is a huge benefit to those who are on a fixed income.


Simple Senior Phone

For a senior new to smart phone technology or one with vision problems, Simple Senior Phone features an easier interface with large print to make smart phones easier for seniors to use. The user can customize the app as needed.


My PillBox

The My PillBox app is an app that makes remembering to take needed medication easier than ever. Especially for people who take different pills at different times of day, the My Pillbox app will keep track of what medication should be taken when and will remind users with a notification alert.


iBooks and Kindle

The iBooks app for Apple or the Kindle app for Android makes reading easy and accessible for those 55 and older. Both apps allow users to store an entire library’s worth of reading material on one convenient device. And for users with vision problems, both iBooks and Kindle allow users to enlarge the font for easier reading and can even read the material aloud.



Lumosity is a brain training app designed by scientists to challenge the user’s memory and attention while having fun. Keeping the brain engaged is essential for all people but may become especially important as people age.


Lumosity provides daily brain workouts from a pool of over 25 brain games. The games and puzzles will keep users entertained while giving their brains a workout.


Apps for smart phones and tablets are no longer just for the young or tech savvy. These apps, among many others, are increasingly aimed towards improving the lives of those 55 and older. With over a million apps currently available and thousands more being created each day, there is almost certainly an app available to meet the user’s needs.