Just because a person is older doesn’t mean they can’t embrace technology. In fact, technology can be an absolute blessing for seniors, especially if family lives far away or if a retiree is looking for something to pass the time. There are many apps available for smartphones that can help seniors connect with loved ones, as well as enjoy pastimes in the comfort of home – or while traveling the world and making the most of retirement. Here are three useful apps for senior citizens:


1) Facetime
FaceTime is an app that comes standard on iPhones and iPads. No longer do grandma and grandpa have to chat with their beloved grandchildren while only imagining their faces and cuteness. With Facetime, it’s possible to see the loved one you’re chatting with, no matter where in the world they are. They can see their daughter or granddaughter model her wedding dress, or their new grandbaby show off the adorable hat they knit for Christmas, or simply bask in the glow of a loved one’s smile! Facetime is easy to use, with dialing as simple as making a regular cell phone call once you’ve opened the app.


2) Scrabble/Words With Friends
These two games can help keep seniors’ brains engaged, as while as offer the chance to challenge loved ones and friends from afar. Users can play against the computer for a tough challenge, or find the usernames of friends and family members and have a friendly digital game. All the while, players will be stretching brain cells and keeping the mind engaged.


3) LibriVox
As people get older and eyesight fails it can sometimes be hard to focus on a book, no matter how engaging a read it is. Librivox is a free audiobook service that has thousands of choices available. Seniors can enjoy listening to an old favorite, or discover a new book while walking, falling asleep, puttering around the house, or waiting in the airport for their next great retirement adventure.


All of the above apps are free, easy to use, and offer seniors a beneficial way to use technology. Seniors can, and should, use technology as a way to connect with the world and their families, and to stay engaged in the pastimes they enjoy.