The Top 10 Movies To Watch When You Turn 50


Sometimes it might feel like Hollywood has an overly youth-centric culture, but there’s many great movies out there featuring adults over 50. A number of classic and modern movies star mature adults and address life themes for Baby Boomers and The Silent Generation. When you turn 50, make sure to watch these excellent movies with compelling older protagonists.


1. 45 Years This nuanced recent release, filmed  in Great Britain, focuses on a couple celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary who experiences unexpected marital conflict.


2. Harold and Maude A classic movie from the 1970s, Harold and Maude tells the story of a depressed young man whose life is changed by a woman in her 70s with an inspiring outlook on life.


3. Lincoln Lincoln earned Daniel Day-Lewis his 3rd Academy Award for Best Actor and skillfully tells the story of Lincoln’s final years as president.


4. Million Dollar Baby 2004’s Best Picture winner focuses on the developing mentorship and friendship between a young boxer and her older coach, and later an ethical dilemma he must face.


5. Something’s Gotta GiveThis charming romantic comedy tells the story of Harry, a man in his 60s who only dates younger woman, who suddenly falls for a woman his age, Erica.


6. Still Alice In this sensitively told drama, Julianne Moore wins Best Actress for her portrayal of Alice, a professor in her 50s who suddenly develops a rare form of early onset Alzheimer’s Disease.


7. The Bucket List This heartwarming and hilarious recent classic follows two terminally ill older men who decide to fulfill their lifetime bucket lists.


8. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button In a quirky and unique drama, Brad Pitt depicts the life of Benjamin Button, an unusual man who’s born as an elderly person and ages backwards.


9. The Godfather This unforgettable classic focuses on aging mafia boss Don Vito, who must protect his family and sustain the family business in future generations.


10. Up A heart-tugging cartoon that won Best Animated Feature, Up features Carl, an elderly man who goes on a journey he’d dreamed of his entire life with a boy he befriends.