The days of getting the majority of information and entertainment in print publications and the TV are over, as the world gets globally connected online. The internet is a great resource for fun, resources, and support for adults of all ages. Adults 55 and up should bookmark these popular, frequently visited sites.



The American Association of Retired Persons maintains a comprehensive list of news and resources relevant to adults 50 and up. The website includes guides to retirement planning, health insurance, travel resources, and much more.


2. Senior Discounts

Senior Discounts is a comprehensive guide of senior discounts you can get all around the US. Using a simple search bar, it’s easy to learn about local and nationwide discounts at restaurants, movie theaters, car rentals, and more.


3. Meetup

Make new friends and get social through participating in groups on Meetup. Meetup is free to join, and  offers numerous groups as an easy way to meet like minded individuals. Retired Singles Woodlands – Lake Conroe is an example of a local group for retirees.


4. Amazon

Keep entertained by visiting Amazon to get deals in a wide variety of books, movies, and games. Amazon’s prices tend to be lower than other retailers, and they sell items in a number of categories, making them a great general marketplace for adults 55 and up.


5. The Senior Guide to Computers

If difficulty navigating any of these websites gets difficult or the computer breaks, The Senior’s Guide to Computers is here to help. The easy to digest support is oriented at adults 55+ with various guides for using software, hardware, and the internet.


The future of online spaces is looking brighter than ever for adults 55 and up, so it’s time to start up the computer and start surfing the net.