As we get older, our focus shifts from taking care of work and our family to just having to worry about ourselves. This can be a great thing when we have a long list of hobbies that we aspire to do, places we want to travel, and the money to accomplish all of those things. Living in a 55+ community allows for folks to enjoy the rest of their life engaged in their passions. Here’s a few reasons to love 55+ community living.


Less Home Maintenance

Windsor Hills offers a Homeowners Association that handles most of the exterior maintenance on the homes. Other communities also offer lawn and maintenance services. As we age, there are limits to the physical work we can handle on a regular basis. Living in a 55+ community such as Windsor Hills would take away the stress of these duties.


More Valuable Family Bonds

Oftentimes, relationships between parent and child can suffer when the child feels that they need to constantly check in on a parent. Plus, parents might not want to be constantly checked on! Communities for folks aged 55+ are usually socially bustling. Because we have a close network of friends and neighbors nearby, children can feel liberated from the constant worry and can visit as often as is convenient. This makes our time spent together more enjoyable and memorable.


Numerous Social Opportunities

Due to the large number of amenities and organized activities that 55+ communities offer, a dynamic social life is the norm. For instance, at Bonterra at Woodforest, there are classes to attend at the Learning Center and a number of community groups, social events and outings to premier destinations. Not to mention, there is also an abundance of physical activity and recreation options.


Safe Living

Seniors no longer have to worry about whether or not a stranger can come knocking on their door to try to gain entry or con them into buying something they don’t need. Gated entry, like the one at Del Webb The Woodlands, helps to keep unnecessary people out of the neighborhood. Additionally, private security and close-knit neighbors can be of assistance in emergency situations.


Making the choice to move to a 55+ community is a personal one. While these are not the only benefits to making the move, all of them can help us to live our life the way that we want. At this age, it’s time to put ourselves and our wants first.