The Retirement Dream… But Not So Fast:
It’s always long been part of the “American dream” to be able to retire between ages 55 (considered “senior” age for many reasons) and 66 1/2(social security age) with enough money to last the rest of your life. It’s been a dream to have no worries in the world and to have all the time to do whatever you please without adhering to a work schedule. Some older Americans are finding pleasure and enjoyment in working during retirement years. The reasons are varied as the things people choose to do for work during their retirement, but many will find purpose and pleasure in it, nonetheless.


Reasons to Work in Retirement:


People will work during retirement for many reasons. For some people, it is a case of actually needing the money, but in other cases, its people pursuing passions they have in life that they were not able to pursue as an active part of their “working” career. Yet other people simply just don’t feel “old” enough to totally retire, and many enjoy the fulfilling feeling they get of still having a job and contributing to the workforce.


Pursuing a Lifelong Passion:


For seniors who are financially stable pursuing a career or a job in retirement is self-fulfilling. Many seniors believe that they did their “duty” working a job that earned them enough money to raise a family, and now they simply want to do something because they love doing it. For example, people who worked in the industrial construction industry may have a job just helping people fix odd things around their house as helping others gives them a satisfaction they desire. Others who worked in the financial sectors may become a personal finance assistant or a personal Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to prepare taxes for people because they love working with numbers. Any amount of combinations of passions and careers are possible, but a love for doing something often drives people to work well past retirement.


Working for a Sense of Enjoyment & “Because They Can”: 


Many seniors feel that working continues to give them a sense of independence and self-worth they feel while doing their jobs. Many workers really enjoy the industry that they have worked in for so long, and can’t imagine. Today, seniors value keeping their minds and bodies active and doing things that they love, and for many that can mean continuing to be part of the workforce in their chosen field even if they don’t “need the money” to live. That sense of satisfaction makes it worth continuing to work well past “traditional retirement age”. Working, even part-time, can provide that sense of satisfaction many still long for.


Working to Be Active & Keep Busy:


Many seniors simply enjoy just being active and having something to do every day, and work provides that sense of drive, purpose, and busyness that many people enjoy long past traditional “retirement” age.


To Continue Meeting New People:


Many seniors who are single continue to work to be surrounded by people of all ages and backgrounds. They want to remain active, social, and involved with society. They aspire to live a social, active lifestyle and working is a great way to keep that lifestyle up, especially in a field of work they are passionate about and find very fulfilling.


Seniors Working in Texas:


Texas itself is quickly becoming a prime location for people at “retirement” age to find work and also find a long-term residence. Texas has seen their population grow by about 1 million people from 2.1 million in 2000 to just under 3.1 million as of 2014. Along with this 49.5% population growth, only Florida and California have larger populations than Texas. Texas also has a 6.7% share of the entire nation’s “elderly” residents (age 65+). Austin, Texas has also been slated as one of the Top 10 cities in which “retiree-aged” people can continue employment.