The lazy days of summer are here, but many find them not so slow and easy when caring for the landscape. Use these simple tips to make caring for the garden and flower beds a little easier during the hot temperatures in our part of Texas.


Water Wisely: Hopefully, you have a set watering regime that allows for just weekly or twice a week watering. Of course, you will water container plants in full sun daily. Native perennials and grasses in the landscape often exist on rainfall alone when they’ve become established. If you water flower beds with a hose, water each plant deeply. Frequent, shallow watering causes roots to grow upward, searching for a drink. Proper watering keeps roots growing downward, as they should.


Deadhead Blooms: Remove spent blooms to encourage new flowers to grow. On some plants, such as geraniums, remove the entire flower stem to encourage growth. Allow foliage of spring-blooming bulbs to die down naturally before you trim it off. It supplies energy to next years blooms.


Feed the Flowers: Fertilize new blooms as they bud to encourage them to last longer. Apply a liquid fertilizer after watering. You may use this tip even if you’ve mixed pelleted fertilizer into the soil. If you are concerned about over-fertilizing, mix the liquid feed at half strength.


Get Ready for Fall: The cooler days of autumn are a perfect time to grow cool-season crops, such as a mixed greens bed for salads. Prepare the bed now and plant seeds a few weeks before temperatures start to cool. Autumn is also the appropriate time to plant bulbs that will bloom in spring.

Use these tips and tricks in your garden for less work and more enjoyment there.