Are you a rental property owner? If so, you know all too well that you aren’t making money if you have a vacant property, so you want to fill those vacancies as quickly as possible with quality tenants. Let’s take a look at some areas to focus on and renovations you can make to get your units filled quickly with the right tenants:

Kitchen: Updating countertops to an updated and durable material like quartz or Corian will ensure that the counters last for years while remaining relatively low maintenance and looking great. Make sure the kitchen appliances are clean, matching and in good working order.

Light: Open and airy spaces are more inviting than small closed off rooms, and natural light can make a space appear larger. In older properties, consider taking down a wall between the kitchen and living room to make the space more open.

Curb Appeal: The exterior of your property is what makes the first impression, so put in some effort to make sure that the first impression is a good one. If there is a lawn, make sure it is well maintained, and consider a hanging or potted plant. Make sure shutters are straight, and there is no peeling paint.

Bathrooms: Bathroom renovations should be done to create a timeless sleek and clean look. Consider installing tile in a neutral color. One of the cheapest upgrades that will stand out the most to a prospective renter is a nice shower head.

Flooring: Flooring should be durable while looking great. While carpet gives a cozy feel, it can get dirty and can pick up stains quickly. Choose a flooring that while last for years without going out of style, like a ceramic tile or a pretty wood laminate.

Accessibility: When looking at upgrading your rental properties, incorporating accessibility into your design can pay off over time because you will be able to rent to elderly or disabled tenants.

Upkeep: Remember that maintenance shouldn’t start with a problem. If you set an upkeep schedule for your property, you will cut down on the expense of solving issues and keep your property in tip-top shape for years to come.

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