Chances are by now we have all heard about Bitcoin and it’s meteoric growth of the cryptocurrency industry in the past year. Cryptocurrencies represent a digital monetary asset that can be transferred from one person to the next using a digital infrastructure known as the blockchain. It’s been making waves most recently in the real estate industry as a new form of payment for a home. In fact, one of the first transactions of real estate for bitcoin just happened earlier this year down the road in Austin.

According to the Seattle Times: “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are digital funds that fluctuate in value daily, and are produced in limited numbers using software, without involvement of a bank, government or central authority.”

Bitcoin and the like can be used to buy anything if the seller is willing this type of payment. In the case of a house sale, this cryptocurrency can be sent from one party to another, then converted to cash through an online exchange in as little as an hour depending on transaction speeds. Once a payment is made, the payment is final and cannot be reversed without both party’s consent.

According the predictions of James Sowers, “an ICO advisor, angel investor and crypto capitalist who has invested in 35 different businesses” although the market (will) experience a crash, it will rebound nicely. He also believes that by late 2018, cryptocurrency will play a strong role in the real-estate market.

Of course there are tax laws that are being updated as the Bitcoin catches on and increases in value. These are important to keep up on. reports that China is currently experiencing some issues using Bitcoin and as more and more miners sign on globally there will be a flux.

There are information seminars, classes and plenty of resources to learn more about this type of digital asset. This relatively new field has experts ready to share. There are Crypto Conferences taking place all over the world with a host of experts from projects being created worldwide.

This is not a field to enter into without doing solid research and speaking to qualified individuals on the subject. However, if you want to have the best success in the real estate world today, it is fundamental that cryptocurrency becomes a part of your vocabulary.