Introductory Tips for Staging a Home for Sale

In any housing market, a seller wants their home to be the one that stands out. However, it’s also important that their home is at the top of a buyer’s memory for the right reasons. While personal belongings and unconventional paint colors may be just what makes a house a home, buyers may remember those features as a shortcoming of the house itself. This is where staging can play a big role, emphasizing features of the home and helping a buyer to see the possibilities. Here are a few tips to stage your home to sell.


Restore Order

Getting rid of clutter is something that most people try to do in their everyday lives anyway but it’s especially important in staging a home for sale. Too much untidiness leaves a negative impact on the buyer, just as it would any visitor. What can’t be stored offsite until the sale is made should be organized and stowed, preferably behind a closed door such as a cabinet or closet.


Bring up the Brightness

Updated lighting fixtures help to mask a home’s true age. Make sure all light fixtures have working bulbs and add lamps and accent lighting to dark spaces. In addition, just opening all of the blinds can allow enough natural light to bring warmth to a space and reveal a home’s best qualities.


First Impressions Count in a Couple of Different Ways

The best time to stage is before a home goes on the market because the initial interest is always the highest. It’s harder for sellers to receive their original asking price when the home is on the market for a long time so it’s important to get a buyer’s attention fast. This is possible, in part, by excellent staging.


Additionally, one of the most important areas of a home that can influence a buyer is the entrance. A buyer’s first impression of the home can be the factor that makes them want to explore more or walk out the door. A clean and welcoming entryway will keep them interested.


Homeowners who are ready to start the selling process can benefit by working with a locally trusted group like the Ray Larson Real Estate Group. A personalized marketing strategy and proper pricing plan sells homes quickly and efficiently. Home staging techniques and services are also available. Visit the website or give us a call today at (281) 803-9670 to get started.