The Woodlands area is a great place to live. There’s never a shortage of places to go for the weekend. Some of the places you might want to consider include:


  • Galveston Island — An hour-and-a-half southeast from the Woodlands is Galveston Island, 80 miles from the Woodlands. It’s a beautiful site year round. One of its features is the Strand, a collection of historic buildings, shops and restaurants. One of the state’s major tourist attractions is an ornate mansion constructed in the late nineteenth century called the Bishop’s Palace.


  • Spring — Only eight miles south of the Woodlands, Spring offers an exotic wildlife park with more than 100 animals, gift and specialty shops. And there’s the Spring Creek Greenway, where people can enjoy a nice walk or bike ride. There are also plenty of ponds and rivers for nature lovers. And one shouldn’t forget about Pundt Park, where people go hiking, horseback riding, fishing and kayaking. There’s also a dog park.


  • Kemah – 63 miles southeast from the Woodlands, an hour away in the Houston-Galveston area is Kemah. There people flock to the Kemah Boardwalk, a 60-acre theme park exciting enough to compete with the boardwalks in Jersey and Venice. There’s also the Boardwalk Beast, where people take water tours. In March through November, people go on a thrilling 25-minute boat ride. And visitors shouldn’t miss the Aquarium Restaurant, where they can dine besides a 50,000 gallon tank full of fish, stingrays and sharks. Another great site is the Clear Creek Vineyard, a winery and vineyard in one.


  • Brenham – Located 74 miles east from the Woodlands is a small, quaint town loaded with wineries and antique stores. The Glissman Drug Store Museum transports one into the past, showing how drug stores appeared back in the early 20th century. The Glissman is the same structure that stood in 1924. Another piece of history here is the Blue Bell Creamery, an ice cream company that’s been around since 1907.