It can be intimidating to think about moving everything you own into your new home, which is why moving is the perfect excuse to clean house! As you begin the arduous process of packing your things, you have the opportunity to filter what goes with you and what goes away.


To help decide what stays and what goes, ask yourself the following questions:


Have we used this item within the past year?


You’ve likely heard of this question when it comes to parting with clothing, but it works well for everything in your home. If you have used the item within the past year, you’re probably going to use it again in the future. However, if that box has sat in the closet since you moved into your current home, it’s probably time to say goodbye.


Does this item have sentimental value?


The one exception to the one-year rule is sentimental items. Sure, you haven’t used your grandfather’s watch at all since it was given to you, but keeping it on the shelf reminds you of happy memories. Sentimental objects should always be given priority when trying to decide what stays and what goes.


Will this item fit the new house’s style?


When moving, people often change the style of their home decor. By making this decision before pulling out the moving boxes, you’ll save time and space in the moving truck. For example, old movie posters from college can often be replaced with more grown-up art.


Finally, can others benefit from this item?


If you’re on the fence about keeping something, ask yourself if someone else can get more use out of it. Donating unused objects to charities or handing down children’s clothes to friends are great ways to part with extra stuff. By letting go of these objects, you’ll help others and make moving to your new home a breeze.



Moving to a new home is the start of a new chapter. Purging the excess items from your home will help ensure a new beginning.