Pros and Cons to Open Houses

Selling a home takes a lot of work and preparation. Open houses, in particular, require valuable time and effort. A useful tool when selling your home, there are pros and cons to consider before opening up your home for others to see.


The Pros


  • Better than a picture – Anyone can go online and browse homes for sale. While picture and video are helpful in determining whether or not someone might be interested in your home, they don’t always do it justice. Allowing people to walk through your home and get an actual feel for the space is game-changing. It also helps them to visualize where their furniture and other belongings would go. Pictures and video can’t do that.


  • Save time and energy – Planning an open house can save a lot of time and energy. Setting aside a couple of hours for people to view your home compared to random appointment times is favorable. With a specific time set up to show your home, you can clean, stage, and show it off all at once. Otherwise, you’ll have to show your home, sometimes with little warning and getting it into a state of readiness at the drop of a hat isn’t always possible.


  • The personal touch – If you set up an open house and will be there to show people around, you have the advantage of sharing valuable information. Whether your home has an interesting history or appealing features to highlight, pointing them out and going in-depth draws people in and adds allure to your home.


The Cons


  • Lack of response – Hosting an open house doesn’t guarantee that people will show up. Many factors contribute to a poor response, whether it’s a lack of advertising or the day and time aren’t a good fit. It’s disappointing to put a lot of work into readying your home to show, only to have a meager turnout, if any.


  • Protecting your valuables – Unfortunately, not everyone is really out there looking for a new home. The primary concern here is that if you receive a good turnout for your open house, it’s challenging to keep an eye on everyone. Expensive or keepsake items left out are open to theft.


  • Missed opportunities – Again, if the response to your open house is positive, spending an adequate amount of time with individuals to share information and answer questions can be difficult. In this situation, all you can do is your best to entice the individuals you do interact with.


If you’re selling your home and considering an open house, keep these tips in mind. Knowing what to expect will improve your chances of winning over the right buyer. Whether you prefer open houses or not – we have a marketing strategy that can help sell your home quickly for the right price. Give us a call today to learn more about what we do to help sell your home.