• Three Fun Hobbies That Will Help You Stay Healthy and Active in Retirement

      If you think retirement is all about long stretches of quiet days at home with nothing to do, think again. Today's retirees are adopting fun, challenging hobbies that help them stay active and engaged every day. Here are three hobbies that will keep your retirement healthy and exhilarating.   Learn a new language. Learning a new language is not only fun, but may also be good...

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    • Three Hobbies That Boost Your Brain Power

      Keeping your mind active and engaged is important at any age. Plus, it improves your quality of life. Beyond the typical advice of reading, exercising and meditation, here are three hobbies to pick up that boost your memory, improve brain function, and increase your happiness during retirement.   1. Play Chess Chess is a notoriously mentally stimulating game, and for good reason. Chess gives both brain...

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