• Learn How to Spot a Scam

      People work hard to build an empire of wealth, happiness, and security. This diligently sculpted estate is a feat worthy of being proud of. Unfortunately, there are scammers living in the world that do not follow this esteemed route. These individuals will use different scams, such as phishing, to take advantage of others. Defend yourself from these dishonorable con-artists by learning how to spot a...

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    • Enjoy a Better Life in a 55+ Community

      With so many baby boomers reaching retirement age, there's no question that 55+ doesn’t look the way it used to. Seniors look healthier, younger and lead quite active lifestyles. However, priority changes come with age. Personal desires change as well. Seniors want to spend their time doing new things and surround themselves with people who contribute meaningfully to their lives.   Amenities One of the...

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    • Three Hobbies That Boost Your Brain Power

      Keeping your mind active and engaged is important at any age. Plus, it improves your quality of life. Beyond the typical advice of reading, exercising and meditation, here are three hobbies to pick up that boost your memory, improve brain function, and increase your happiness during retirement.   1. Play Chess Chess is a notoriously mentally stimulating game, and for good reason. Chess gives both brain...

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