• How to Financially Prepare for a Larger Home

      Owning a home can be one of the best long-term investments that someone can make. While many people may live in their homes for decades, there are plenty of life circumstances and situations that would require someone to upgrade to a larger home. While moving into a larger home can be a great option for a growing family, it does come with more expenses that...

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    • Finding the Right Home: Research the Neighborhood

      When searching for a new home, buyers should be concerned with the age of the home, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the general condition of the home. However, before officially starting the home search, it's important that buyers also consider location matters. These include the quality of the schools, neighborhood characteristics, crime rates and area attractions. A great home in a bad area...

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    • Top 19 Attractions in The Woodlands

        The data site Niche named The Woodlands, TX the 6th best city to live in. Niche searched cities in all 50 states and used 15 different factors to develop the list entitled “2017 Best Place to Live”. They reviewed local attractions and factored the data into the search for great cities. The Woodlands and surrounding area offer a lot of variety in both indoor...

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    • Pros and Cons to Holding an Open House

      Pros and Cons to Open Houses Selling a home takes a lot of work and preparation. Open houses, in particular, require valuable time and effort. A useful tool when selling your home, there are pros and cons to consider before opening up your home for others to see.   The Pros   Better than a picture - Anyone can go online and browse homes for sale. While picture...

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