• 5 Biggest Turn-Offs for Home Buyers

      Selling your house is a big step and one that every homeowner wants to go smoothly. It can be a nerve-wracking situation especially if it's your first time. How can you be prepared for buyers to view your home? Here are the 5 top turn-offs for home buyers. Dirty home Even though a house may have many attractive features and be solidly built, a dirty...

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    • Introductory Tips for Staging a Home for Sale

      Introductory Tips for Staging a Home for Sale In any housing market, a seller wants their home to be the one that stands out. However, it's also important that their home is at the top of a buyer's memory for the right reasons. While personal belongings and unconventional paint colors may be just what makes a house a home, buyers may remember those features as...

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    • Pros and Cons to Holding an Open House

      Pros and Cons to Open Houses Selling a home takes a lot of work and preparation. Open houses, in particular, require valuable time and effort. A useful tool when selling your home, there are pros and cons to consider before opening up your home for others to see.   The Pros   Better than a picture - Anyone can go online and browse homes for sale. While picture...

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